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When working with Scott Hemann, clients can expect a nice guy who is going to work harder than anyone else to find the best possible solutions to help people achieve their goals. He knows that the “normal” approach is not always the best one, and is not afraid to explore other opportunities when needed. Scott loves helping all clients find the right home but has a passion to help clients find their first time home and their forever home.

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People Driven

Helping people is Scott's number one priority. 

Not Like Anyone Else

Scott doesn't take the normal approach to everything just because that’s the way it’s done. If there is a better or more creative solution, Scott loves to explore the options.

Small Town Nice

Scott grew up on the values of hard work and always doing your best by everyone.

Great Sales Experience

Scott has always worked in customer service and sales related roles and knows how to handle any situation that is being thrown at him.

A place to call home

Scott moved to Cedar Falls where he attended UNI. He fell in love with his wife and the Cedar Valley. Scott never really saw himself being a “city” guy growing up on a farm in a town of 400 people. After making a life here, he doesn’t ever see himself leaving Cedar Falls. This is where Scott, his Wife, his dog, and his kids plan to call home.

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