Cody Johnson

He’s Ready to Go to Bat for You. Day or Night.

Cody loves sports. And not just because they are fun to participate in and support. He grew up in Parkersburg and knows that sports taught him many lessons he applies to his life as an agent: a great work ethic, punctuality, teamwork, and self-discipline. Cody studied  business at the University of Northern Iowa before turning his focus to real estate. And focused he is. He has immersed himself in all aspects of real estate from construction and the building process to remodeling, and real estate. 

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Clients Come First

Cody is committed to putting clients first because he understands that great customer service is hard to come by.

He Sees the Big Picture

Cody has been around real estate for most of his life, which means he has a deep knowledge of the many aspects that go into buying and selling a home.

He’ll Connect You

With all of his experiences, Cody can connect you to great people in the home industry from contractors and mortgage lender to home inspectors. 

24/7 Service

Cody has dedicated his life to helping others through real estate and know that service isn’t just a daytime job. It’s whenever and wherever people need help

I meet a lot of first-time home buyers at open houses. I love getting to know them and helping to walk them through this process for the first time. It gives me a chance to share what I’ve learned.

Cody joined Oakridge Real Estate in 2018, but he has deeper roots in real estate and development because he grew up around the industry. Those experiences have given him a jump start in the industry. They have also given him a passion for sharing a greater range of knowledge and connections with buyers and sellers.  

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